NetLogo Diffusion Simulator

by Johannes Kottonau, PhD, Kantonsschule Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Note: Due to persistent Java security problems, the applet has been removed from this page.

How to run it

Step 1: Download the NetLogo modeling environment, it is completely free. The destination directory can be anywhere, on your hard disk, your portable disk, on a server, even on a CD-ROM etc. NetLogo ist completely stand-alone, no administrator rights are required.

Step 2: Download the file NetLogo_Diffusion_Simulator.nlogo. (Use the right mouse button and select "Save Target as". Be sure that the file ends with the .nlogo extension.

Step 3: Install NetLogo. When completed, open the installation directory. Start NetLogo executing the file "NetLogo 5.0.5.exe".

Step 4: On the menu bar, select "File" and then "Openů". Navigate to the downloaded file NetLogo_Diffusion_Simulator.nlogo and open it with a double click. Follow the steps 1 and 2 below (in the section "How to use it").


created with NetLogo, based on Wilensky, U. (2005): NetLogo GasLab Circular Particles model. Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.